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Yes, you are creative.

In this video course you will learn to:

  • Unlock your hidden creative power 
  • Overcome the biggest obstacles to creativity 
  • Strengthen your mental resilience for innovative thinking 
  • Incorporate creativity into all aspects of life, both professional and personal 
  • Explore the essential stages of the creative process 
  • Effectively initiate and manage projects with a people-centric approach

Creativity is not exclusive to artists, painters, musicians, or graphic designers.
Creativity is not a trademark of this or that profession or vocation; it is the essence of all human beings.
We are creative by nature not by vocation.

—Who is this for?

This is for you.

The Rebranding Creativity course will highly benefit you if you are a:

Business owner:
Develop innovative thinking that will deliver targeted creative solutions that your customers need.

Learn to think out of the box and enjoy the benefit of the discipline of creativity.

Expand and sharpen  your thinking to overcome the fear & frustrations of the creative process.

Lay the foundations of solution-oriented thinking.

—Is creativity profitable?

Creativity is profitable!

Businesses need creative thinkers because a creative environment fosters progress - only creative people innovate.

People focused mindset

All great innovations, whether products, designs, or processes have people at their core. The ability to feel for and understand people is essential to creativity.

Watch this interview:

We are living in the so called "Creators' Economy".

Creativity it is the tool we were given to live a life of adventures and solutions.



  • 53 video lectures 
  • 10 engaging workouts
  • 120 original illustrations
  • Lifetime access
  • English subtitles
  • Italian subtitles

The video lessons can be completed at your own pace, and in your own time. You can easily access the videos from your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

The workouts are best completed with pen and paper but can be done digitally. All videos have captions just in case English is not your first language. They are not auto-captions as they have been manually entered.

Explore the course overview:

—Meet your Instructor


Timoteo Alicino is both, an artist and a scientist with three decades of experience in event management, sound engineering and teaching on for continents.

Born in Italy, and living in South Africa, Tim's journey has taken him from being a producer and musical director to a sought-after consultant in process, business and system design.
His expertise in sound engineering has not only led him to work on live shows and broadcasts, but also to share his knowledge with thousands of students from over 100 countries through his popular online courses.

As an instructor on different education platform, and in live sets, Tim brings unparalleled insight and excitement, inspiring creativity in everyone he teaches.

Discover Tim's story in this brief interview:

For corporate training, business development, educational purposes, schools or training centres, we offer a range of coaching programs:

 Bulk registrations (if you want your employees or learners to do the course individually)

 4 hours live presentation (in person or virtual) about the enemies of creativity, the creative process and how to keep at it

• 45 min live webinar lessons. 6 sessions.

Custom training program 

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Read what people are saying

Brilliant. Inspiring. Well-thought out & very well put together. Encourages re-evaluation of my own creative process!

Waldo Malan 
Faith Group Media Director

This course takes what was deemed to be only a trait of artists, and make it accessible, and even an integral part of every part of our lives. Everybody is creative!

Dirk Postma
Fractal Labs Head of modeling

Absolutely brilliant and engaging. I am excited to continue this course and learn to unlock my creativity.

Josua Nel
Creative Designer

Very well put out, and a good reminder that being creative is a part of who we are, and as important as reading... the more you do it or make time for it... the better you get at it, and the more natural it comes. Really enjoyed the journey and "your turn workouts". Looking forward to the "Next level"

Nadine Nortier
Inkcubeko Youth & Science Centre Director

Phenomenal! A fantastic presentation. Extremely helpful.

Stephan Greyling
Greyling Motors Owner

Stunning! I enjoyed everything about it. The course is real, authentic, honest and that is what set it apart for me. Creativity is personal, and even though the course was not presented in a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely way, it still had the personal/deep element to it, which was balanced perfectly with the references made to remind us this is still a topic of real study and research, and giving steps/guidelines on how to practically improve.

Tehillah Jansen van Rensburg 
Inovo Telecom Business Services Engineer

This course is intriguing and I am starting to understand it’s relevance to my life as I go along. The clips are short and manageable. It is well presented and practical.

Ingrid Robinson
Dr. ID

Excellently put together: the content, the flow of lectures. Valuable for everyone from school children to corporate businesses.

Melt van der Spuy
Cispak MD - Author

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Sara Cremaschi

A clear and full-of-wonder journey

I am definitely planning oriented, and I have always thought of myself as not being creative. Tim, with clarity and simplicity, has overturned my beliefs and turned one of my limitations into a possibility (indeed, many possibilities). I will treasure this course not only for my work but also for my personal life. It is a truly and completely transformative program.

7 months ago
Jodie Blanckenberg

Good resource

Many helpful ideas and practices I hope to really put to use to overcome my tendency to put off overwhelming tasks. Thanks!

9 months ago
Meg Blanckenberg


This course was great. Not daunting as it is in bite size pieces, and goes beyond specifics such as business/personal, it builds the foundation under those. It is greatly encouraging!

11 months ago
Mariella Borghi


This was a transformative journey into the heart of creativity. Tim masterfully guides you beyond technical skills, exploring innovative problem identification as the true essence of creativity. This course has opened new horizons for me, revolutionizing how I think, create, and perceive my work.

1 year ago


I am so energised by this course. I am in section 3 and I cannot wait to use what I am learning. Thank you Tim

2 years ago
King Mozart


I have just completed section 2. So many things are becoming clear. Thank you

2 years ago
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